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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by 747 View Post
I've loved almost everyone of the villain endings (Except Scarecrow's in BB and Talia's lame death). And Bane's especially I love. I don't get the dislike towards it at all. He ends with a badass line and is about to blow Batman's head off, just to be stopped and literally blown away by a classic save the day comeback from Selina. Her comeback always puts a big smile on my face, like Han Solo coming back a shooting Vader away in Star Wars.

And getting a frikkin cannon shot to the chest is a pretty hard way to go out isn't it? It's not like he pussied out or got lamely taken down (like Scarecrow with a teaser). The moment was brilliantly edited and executed too, I love that it was not treated as some big ceremonial thing. The quick thing was more surprising and refreshing in a way, and Bane wanted some big ceremonial martyr-esque death, and I'm glad he didn't get it.
I completely agree. Bane's death was sudden, non-chalant and brutal- just like the every single person he killed in the movie. You're right, both him and Talia were suicidal terrorists who were planning to go out in a giant blaze of glory. I actually think both of their rather pathetic demises were well-deserved. And what's even better is they both died thinking they had succeeded in the mission.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I guess to explain why I didn't care for Bane's send off is kinda answered in your posting. Being a fan or the original Star Wars Trilogy, I would have been pretty disappointed had Leia blown away Vader in a similar style to Catwoman blowing away Bane. Just my opinion though.
Ah, if we're talking Episode IV, Selena is so much closer to the Han Solo character than she is to Leia, no? Her archetype is that of the rogue only looking out for herself who ends up having a heart of gold which is so Han Solo when you really think about it. I think 747's analogy is perfect.

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