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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

What I Would Like In Halo 5:

-Regeneration Field that heals your teammates,but drains your enemies lives.

-Jet Pack that flies higher and longer.

-Light Shield,make it a weapon with a energy level where everytime it blocks something the energy level goes down.

-Steroid Armor,where you have roid rage and can kill someone with one hit with anything,but someone can kill you with one hit of anything too.

-Phoenix Armor where you can pull out a flamethrower.

-Ghost Armor where you phase through vehicles that are about to splatter you and weapons that shoot at you.

-Grapple Hook,that shoots like the sticky detonator,but a grapple shoots across and sticks to something and zips you across.

-Sticky Detonator doesn't fade away after awhile after you shoot it.

-Frog Armor that makes you have super jump.Be able to jump over buildings.

-Teleport Armor that makes you teleport.A screen pops up and you can push any four buttons,the green button,blue button,red button,or the yellow button.And you teleport in the location of where the color button on the map is.

-Better looking armor.Make each one look alot different from each one.Show bigger full body pictures on the loading screen of your armor before each match.

-On Campaign let us use our own armor and not just the master chief one.It's more fun to see your friends in their own armor playing.

-More types of vehicles on multiplayer.

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