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Default Re: Sim City anyone else looking forward to it?

Quality definitely improved this weekend, it's playable unlike earlier this week but still laggy.

Sometimes regional cities do not sync up properly which is a massively annoying problem to have. For example, say I have a mining town that is drilling oil and I build a oil power plant--I should have enough power to power my city as well as neighboring cities but when I try to buy power from one of the other cities without a power plant, there wont be any available! So I will then have to waste money on a wind power plant until the cities sync up and I can buy power on my mining city that is sitting on tons of unused power. There are many other annoying issues that derive from sync lag

Another problem I have experienced is none of the gift simoleons I have made to my neighboring cities have arrived there

EA disabled game features to get the game running better, which I hope they reverse as they improve and add servers. Currently you can't freaking filter maps, Cheetah speed nerf, no leaderboards (meh), finding available games is a nightmare! I had to create my own region but I'm playing by myself because, I assume, no one could find my game since there is no filter options.

With all that said, any one that has the game want to join my region? Origin I.D: dodgers33089

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