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Default What else could Sam Raimi direct for Marvel?

-- Oz the Great and Powerful is looking at a profitable box-office run. This movie was already produced by Disney, so it might not be a stretch for him to get involved with Marvel again, this time on another character besides Spider-Man (btw, I am well aware that the Spidey franchise has been under the auspices of Sony/Columbia).

So, what concept that hasn't been dealt with yet (or is awaiting reboot under Marvel Films) could Sam Raimi helm successfully?

A solo character?

A team?

A lower-budget concept?

Considering Raimi's horror roots, maybe could this be an angle to explore, e.g., Werewolf by Night, Tomb of Dracula, Marvel's Frankenstein, Man-Thing, Simon Garth: Zombie, Marvel Zombies, etc.

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