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Default Re: What else could Sam Raimi direct for Marvel?

Originally Posted by DarkSovereignty View Post
A blade relaunch with snipes returning.
oh my. controversial, but neat

I forgot there was that Marvel Zombies/Evil Dead crossover series, lol.. I figure it would "never" happen except at a fan-film level, maybe someone could convince Bruce C. to be a part of it..

kudos for the Dr. Strange mention; it would be great to see Doc as a part of "phase 3" or whatever the next round of films after Avengers 2 turns out.

IMO, Spidey 3 suffered from the corporate-directed shoehorning in of Venom for a spinoff; I don't think Raimi came up with that on his own, and I think the film probably would have suffered further had he "quit in protest" as I suppose some might have wanted him to do.

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