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Default Re: What else could Sam Raimi direct for Marvel?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Noker has better captured comic book action than Raimi. Yes, Whedon was the first to outdo the train fight in SM2 with the Avengers, but he had a bigger budget and 8 years of advancements in special effects. The way Raimi wields his camera can be vertigo-inducing wicked fun.

That said, I think we saw plenty of his take on the Marvel Universe which got burned out by SM3. Still, I think his Spidey fits better with the MCU than Webb's. In any case, I think he has moved on and it is probably for the best. I would sooner see his Evil Dead 4 than a return to superhero films. I think he has said all he has to on the subject.
Raimi did the action for Hercules and Xena and Whedon did the action for Buffy and Angel. Iove that they are both action oriented thinkers.

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