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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Because he doesn't!


Plus, the way Catwoman kills's as if "beauty kills the beast" in a way. But, I mostly saw it as Bane getting a cheap ending the way he wanted to kill Batman: cheap and not the way Bane was perceived to be the entire film beforehand.
But he's the WGD, dammit!

I never had a problem with Catwoman killing Bane, It's just Catwoman's quip at the expense of Bane's importance as a villain. Had Batman chastised her about taking a life I think it would have went a lot better.

Hell, had we seen Selina and Bane in more than one scene, showing her reluctance to work with Bane; knowing his plans for Gotham's "revolution" were far too extreme for what she had thought she bargained for, would have made Bane's conclusion a lot better.

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