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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I'm perfectly fine with what's left out. And besides the 'trust' remark is stated at the end of TDKR anyways when he's talking to the tombstones of Thomas and Martha. That always felt enough.
I'm happy that it worked for you, but for me that scene felt critically short. It had started and then it was over, I much prefer Bruce actually needing a little bit to process what Alfred is telling him, rather than just jumping to the "How dare you use Rachel..." bit.

But that brings me to another problem with the film. Alfred is gone and that's it. Other than Bruce's "Alfred?" immediately following his departure, he isn't brought up again until the final few minutes of the movie. That felt cheap. Surely Bruce needed to have some sort of long term reaction to the man who was arguably more of a father than his real father was.

Some might say that after Rachel died it was business as usual and the plot keeps moving. But her death permeates throughout the rest of that movie. Everything Dent does stems from her. So, the climax stems from her.

Same with Bruce's parents. Their absence is felt throughout all of Begins. Up to and including one of the last lines "I was wrong, you know. Your father would be proud of you."

Now, you might say that Rachel/Bruce's parents deaths aren't the same as Alfred leaving, but from a structure point, they're very similar. Namely, all of them have their "final scene" and then disappear for the rest of the movie. The only difference is Alfred is gets to come back for the last 5 minutes. And to me that wasn't enough. I was always fine with Alfred leaving Bruce (in fact I think it's a great plot idea), but the impact of his departure was hardly felt.


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