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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
In the age of reboots, the people 20 years from now will probably be more interested in whatever new franchise reboot they do then, and be less concerned about SM1 vs TASM. It's a relevant debate now only because we have 2 generations growing up with different Spider-Man origin films. I don't see this debate being much of a thought 20 years from now. But, I do think whatever Spidey film comes out during that time will likely be compared more with SM1 than TASM because it was the Superman: The Movie of superhero films of our time.
True, but unlike Superman: The Movie, there are TWO high profile cinematic incarnations of this hero out, so I believe both of these films/franchises will be compared with whatever the new incarnation is at the time because as I said, with this being the beginning of another major franchise which will likely be the go-to Spidey for another generation, the chances of it being left out of the conversation are slim-to-none. Which basically makes the debate the same as it is now, only with 3 contenders in the ring instead of two. Again, SM1 will always be considered the milestone one - I'm not arguing with that in the slightest, but I think it's incredibly unlikely that TASM and its forthcoming trilogy will be left out of these debates in the future.

But, that also brings me back to my point on this whole TASM vs SM1 thing. People are arguing over which was better. Honestly, the one people grew up with 9 times out of 10 is what they willl prefer. I grew up with SM1. I enjoy it more. Now, I do appreciate certain elements of TASM over SM1, but in general, SM1 wins with me (and for the purpose of my point, I am ignoring all the reasons I legitimately feel SM1 is a superior film). Someone like, 8 years younger than me prob likes TASM. I know this isn't a perfect system, but I think it is more accurate than many of the poll metrics people are giving. Just look at Star Wars, few people who grew up with the OT prefer the prequels. The prequels tend to be preferred only by the younger generation of Star Wars fans that feel the effects suck, etc. We like what engages us as we develop. Sure tastes mature, but in general, nostalgia/development will always come into play on issues like this.
I'm sure this will be the case for many, but I don't think it holds that much water as a general rule, as I grew up with Raimi's version too, and vastly prefer Webb's, while I grew up with the Star Wars prequels and see them as utter garbage next to the original trilogy.

I do agree with your last statement, though. The nostalgia factor will often play a part for many. Just not all, and not always.


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