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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
I didn't say it wasn't fair, I said I thought it was silly. Pretty much everything Da7e has reported has come true. That truth isn't undone because of anything El Mayimbe's said. You're welcome to write the whole lot of them off of course, but I personally choose to believe the scoops from the scoopers who prove themselves, and Da7e at LR has done that constantly over the years.

LR isn't one of the trades, so they shouldn't be compared to them. They are comparable to AICN, Slashfilm, Collider, etc. And they've gotten more legitimate scoops on these films over the last few years than all of those sites combined. So as I said, I simply find the notion of completely writing them off because of one bad egg to be silly, when they are otherwise continuing to deliver perfectly solid intel. But of course that's up to each reader to make up his or her own mind about.
Agreed, to an extent. Da7e and most of the LR staff has done (and continues to do) some good work but the site must bear some level of accountability for El Mayimbe's behavior.

I'm not even overly concerned that his scoops didn't/don't pan out to be true. Well, if he simply pulled stuff out of his ass, well, that's another story, but I digress...

I'm not at all averse to specualtion and editorializing... even from journalists/reporters, especially considering the fact that entertainment news, by definition, is entertainment. 'Tis fun.

My primary objection/problem is that they continue to provide a platform for him to showcase his absurd and bizarre antics.

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