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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Dude, while I love those scenes with Bruce and Alfred, the scenes where Bruce puts the leg brace on, and the scene where Alfred leaves, you just know that the IMAX limitations hindered those scenes, even if it were the slightest.

I remember a few lines that were cut out - Bruce mentioning he failed as Bruce and Alfred replying with you can afford to fail as Bruce Wayne, but as Batman you can't afford to.

I still love Nolan, but I'm almost wondering if he's letting, or let; his love for IMAX ruin his films. Classic case of style vs substance.
The line about failing as Bruce really should have remained. It's so little but really helps make it clear that Bruce didn't just give up after retiring Batman, that he tried to help Gotham as Bruce with the energy project and then failed at that too when realized he pretty much made a bomb. It's really tragic if you think about it. He made Batman and then had to give up and "fail" as Batman only to do the same thing as Bruce. That one little line would have done so much to infer what he's been going through for those 8 years.

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