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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
There really wasn't any way of knowing that back then.
No, lol...I meant when I go back and look at the trilogy, I would hope Nolan didn't use IMAX for TDK. It was close to getting some sleep, I should've been awake enough to explain myself further. Sorry about that, lol.

I think you either cut TDKR into two parts or cut Blake or Talia out of the film and keep it one whole movie with IMAX shots.
That's where it becomes tricky...we don't know how much is really cut as only one draft was supposedly 400 pages long and a lot of first drafts are incredibly long, so it's hard to say what really is filmed except for what we can find in the script you can download or some things mentioned such as Bane's origin. That would make it weird to get two parts that each would feel much shorter than even Batman Begins.

In any case, I would say no on cutting Blake or Talia as I'm fine with the product we have where Talia is used and where Blake is used. Just more time needed to be given, that's all I'd ask for. I also wanted more frenzy from Batman's first return and Coleman Reese showing up again.

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