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Default Re: The french actor Omar Sy Thread

Personally I don't think we should take any of these as face value

1:When past actors say they knew nothing.Patrick stewert In ealry fall may had sliped up when talking about returns.So far with exception of Rebecca Romijn all he mentione have been confirmed.Later when promating the NG Bluray set he now claimed he knew nothing.A couple of days later Shawn Ashmore went from knowing nothing to confirmed.
2:The assumation that Omar Is playing Bishop.I made It known I prefer this to be their intreption of original Days of future Past comic story.I want Bishop keep far away since I
don't want him to be time traveler.Although that worry may be nothing If mind switch Is how they are do time travel.Despite what Animated series would have you believe Bishop Is not a consent time traveler.He got stuck In present from his future while purshuring villain.And couldn't go back.After that the only time he time traveled was when he was one of X-Men that followed Legion back In time when he killed Xavier and created AoA.Wolverine and the X-Men had much better adaptian of Bishop than 90's show did.
3:Apocalpse-can we talk about jumping the gun here.People are jumping on answers to questions like It's confirmation.Bryan Singer can be very vague when answering questions. Seriously with Sentinles In fuutre,anti mutant Humans In 1973 part of film,and likely the brotherhood trying to kill Peter Dinklage's character or Nixon.What purpose does
Apocalypse serve In that story.In X2 bryan changed stryker from reverand to black ops Military colonel(who had a military past even In original comic) In adopting God Loves
Man kills.He didn't add Stryker to story he changed him as part of interpting the God Loves Man kills as followup to X-men.I am sure there Is reason why film takes place with Nixon as actully character.My thinking Is they changed the target of assassination from Kelly to someone Involved In devolping sentinles.

Omar might be playing Snych who reportly was considered for Inclusion for first Class.

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