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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Bryan Singer has called this an Inbetweenequel.Hinting he sees DOFP as both prequel and sequel to his films but also taking Into account the X-men films he didn't make.Nightcrawler returning may be one of the correcting things he talked about.He may not have liked It that Nightcrawler just disappeared.

When he talks about multiple timeframes we are likely looking at these

1-Future-which Is alternate version of 2000's or present day with the sentinles unleashed on world
2:1973 part of film
3:New future at ending of film where some things are different after the time travel.No Sentinles and possibly Cyclops and Jean Grey are now alive

Now since Bryan talked to James Cameron about his time travel plans I could be wrong on 3.Cameron did time travel where the time travel helped create the future In the first place.

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