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Default Re: How can they top the Hulk/Loki "fight" in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Roughneck View Post
Someone grabbing the Hulk by his foot and beating him around.....
Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
That probably won't be an audience favorite.

People wanted to see Loki get beat down but everyone loves the Hulk.
Which is why it will work. Audience gets emotionally attached/involved in the movie. Any avenger who tries to fight thanos 1v 1. including Hulk will get stomped. Which is why I think they should have Hulk and thor each fight thanos, only to get beaten, they are having words...hulk tackles thanos off screen and starts whaling on him. Givse a smart ass comment and leaves thanos on the ground, thanos gets up laughs and tells hulk he hasn't tested himself in hand to hand physical combat in centuries, and is ready to go at it again, and he tells the other avengers to stand down. Hulk gets angry, thor gets read, and hulk puts his hand up, and tells thor, "you heard him"...

they both start to fight, in a relatively..even fight..strength wise...thanos is landing way more blows due to his fighting abilitity, they taunt and brawl with hulk slowly evening it, before thanos starts to get pissed, and charges his punches with cosmic energy, then proceeding to pummell hulk bad, to the point where the audience gets concerned, thor tackles him off hulk, and thor and thanos go it it, full powers and fight, and thanos puts thor out of comition without too much effort, before he goes on to beat the rest of the avengers, before getting the IG and more plot induced stuff..

that's my ideal thanos vs avengers fight

starts as a calm thanos vs avengers, turns into hulk vs thanos, then thanos vs thor, then thanos vs the rest of the avengers before being defeated at the end. sounds like a fun battle

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