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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Video of Bryan Singer and McAvoy dishing out on X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Digital Spy: It's a very dark storyline in the comics "Days of Future Past" Is that the tone your going for more so than the last couple films which perhaps have been more comic book.

Bryan: You know I have a certain style when I approach X-Men films. This one's going to be a much larger canvas. It takes place during multiple times, it has an enormous cast, and there's also other technologies and stuff. There's some science-fiction aspects to it that we haven't seen yet in X-Men films. But, you know I'll probably bring a bit of my old school tone to this one. I'm very excited about it.

Digital Spy: ...Talking about the character of Magneto who was essential and specifically his moral conflict. Will there still be that conflict now that he's turned to evil. How are you approaching him this time around?

Bryan: Because I have both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender in the picture, you'll deal with both sides of there point of view, and it explores the relationship between Xavier and Magneto and the evolution of that relationship; where it came from and where it's going.

Digital Spy: I was wondering if you would be losing your hair in this?

McXavier: I don't know yet, to be honest with you. I'm gonna find out soon. There is gonna be a film in which Charles goes through a lot of heavy stuff, through the crucible in this movie...
Don't know why everyone's thinking the FC cast is going to be pushed aside.

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