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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
You have to wonder If majority of film or at very least half the actully takes place In future.Alan CUmming will make it 8 actors from trilogy.Meanwhile we only have 4 actors from first
Class.Peter Dinklage's character will likely be In 1973 scenes.He's been called the anatagist of film.If this Is Trask or someone to fill the void It seems to make sense to have creater of sentinles as antaginost.We know from Bryan Singer they are also casting an actor for Nixon.Filming starts April 15 and yet nothing else on other returnes from First Class.The
Idea with news we have been getting that a majority of film could take place In 1973 Isn't logicil anymore.The Idea of all these vets would be back for only say 30 minutes of

screentime doesn't make sense.We don't know In which timeframe Omar Sy Is playing In yet.Plus Bryan's comments also hint at using mind switch from comics only It's going to be Xavier,and he may be trying to stop Magneto from creating event that leads to Sentinles.

There may still be new mutants or maybe a recasting for 1973 scenes.But's becoming clear any new mutants probally won't have big roles most likely.
That's insane.

The same argument was made about Avengers but we all know that them having been already introduced in solo films meant they could hit the ground running.

We already know the main players from both timelines.

Singer introduced the idea of the school as an actual school and based on the end of FC and taking place 10 years later, the Xavier Institute is already going to be an actual school most likely. So we will see the same number of mutant kids like in X1 and the the core team of X-men. And just like in X1, besides Wolverine, we weren't introduced to any of them outside of a quick montage.

People need to quick freaking out. Singer has already done this.

We already know he only focused on two Brotherhood members in X1 and Rouge and Wolvie were the only two main X-men in that movie too.

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