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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

With Alan Cumming likely returning that brings the OT vets to 8.Meanwhile we have 4 from First Class confirmed.That's a major Imbalance.Plus we have 2 confirmed new actors and we know It will be 3 when they cast Nixon.So this most likely leaves us with 15.

Now let's compare this to X-Men,X2,and the Avengers to characters not cameos

X-men-11 Characters
X2-14 Characters(Including the fictional president)
The Avengers-12 Characters(counting Banner and Hulk as seperate Characters)

So you see poentilly we already have more characters.

My assumation had been we would spend 30 minutes In future and 1 hour and 30 minutes In 1973 but with so many OT vets I don't think that's possible anymore.If we were going to spend majority of time In 1973 more first Class actors would be returning.Now certinly Xavier and Beast won't be only X-Men In 1973 and Magneto and Mystique won't be only brotherhood In 1973 but I am starting to get feeling there will be c list and obscue characters In 1973 to fill the void.Characters that are in there for power displays and not to
take away from Xavier,Magneto,Mystique,and Beast.

Plus with exception of say Iceman all OT actors are promentant actors.The Idea they went to trouble getting them back and not give them something to do Is crazy.The future scenes aren't just going to be mutant VS Sentinles.

The Idea of 1 hour In future and 1 hour In past Is starting to look very plausable.Plus I am thinking the time travel will simply be Mind switch of Xavier.

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