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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

I think the way this is shaping up, the future era will focus on getting Xavier's mind, or the twin brother's mind, sent back to the past, or mind-swapped with the younger version of Xavier. It will revolve around what I believe will be Omar Sly/Bishop's character providing the device or the platform to acheive this, because I don't think a mind swap into the far past should be easily acheivable by any means. I think it will be about the original X-Men getting to this device before the Sentinels and the villains responsible for the genocide get to it.

The past era will probably have a young Xavier receiving this information somewhere in the final act, so that the future era does not appear to be anti-climactic (X-Men having succeeded in sending Xavier's mind back in time). Then the FC X-Men will try to stop the events from unfolding. Just my wild guess.

Act I: 1973
Act II: 2013
Act III: 1973

With Acts I/II altering back and forth between one another.

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