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I found this post in another forum some time ago, and even though back then I didn’t really take it too seriously, it got stuck in my head. It is a so called initial version of what TDKR would have been if the Joker had been around. I can imagine that the initial reaction will be to deem this as false, but there are some things in there that just feel right. Read it and if anyone wants to discuss…  

"Ever wondered why Bane's coat was like that or his other attire? For all of us it was a simple answer. It's how it should have been. But no. It wasn't. The coat was in development for 2 FULL years. Before the initial shooting and development and back then there was a script lying on the desk which was the main plan back then and Bane's attires were constructed for that guy. And who was that guy? Who was it that lost the Villain spot and clothes to Bane? Who was it that lost the epic scenes of the movie to Bane? It was none other than...Hush.
Hush was set to appear in the movie having a life like Bruce's except for him wanting his own parents dead. And well we all know the rest of his origin. He was up for the Villain alongside Catwoman and Joker. The movie's story was mostly like The Hush Storyline and Comic-Book. Joker presumably kills Thomas, Bruce gets mad attacks Joker and so forth.
The story was written right during filming of The Dark Knight but was kept absolutely hidden. And to get people's mind off the topic the distractions were Riddler and Penguin! Although both were considered. Especially Mr. Reese. These were all becoming reality until Heath died. Things became worse. Chris thought he can't change the story and it wouldn't be as great as that. So he searched for a new villain. His first choice was Hugo Strange but his choice actors were not satisfactory. Matters became worse so he searched for someone like Ra's Al Ghul and found The KnightFall Comic. He brought Bane and others as we all know. But what was his masterpiece that he himself destroyed?

Hush frees Joker secretly and gets Batman to come out of hiding using Selina and Joker's mischiefes. He makes Bruce believe that he is dead and notices similarities between Bruce and Batman's fighting Style. The public presumes him dead so he changes and becomes Hush. During this time Selina knows who Batman is and let's him know.
Joker creates a distraction for Batman and police while Hush assaults Wayne Manor and kills Alfred. After Bruce arriving in his Bat Suit in the manor finds Alfred dead (he was alarmed by security of his house, secret alarms) Hush sets the bombs off. Destroying Wayne Manor once more wounding Batman and him retreating to Bat Cave where he confronts Hush and is defeated by him and imprisoned in a hospital where his parents were. He doesn't reveal who he is and leaves him there with inmates.
Hush rallies the poor to kill the rich and get what's right fully there's. He leads the to Black Gate and Arkham releasing the inmates and attacks the rich district. He kills many people there. Holds a court with ScareCrow and tortures them. Time is passing Bruce is weak and gets weaker when he discovers Hugo Strange was his parent's surgeon when they were shot and took the bullets out and announced them dead. And he knew who Batman was but now he is dead. For unknown reasons. He had an apprentice that Bruce knew. But what he didn't know was who he was. Which he finds out that he is Thomas Elliot.
And Hush presented himself as his own student. Bruce is shocked and his condition is worsened. But Selina that has witnessed too much killing has a change of heart. Frees Bruce and helps him get his gear back. Batman goes on to fight once more. Frees Gordon from Joker's captivation and stops him and goes back to Hush's war. He witnesses that police force is fighting the poor people and his appearance is no surprise to Batman while he blows up the hospital killing everyone in it. He faces him and everyone looks at them while he reveals who he really is and makes Batman remove his mask as well as he calls him by name. They both fight hard and he makes fun of him losing everyone he loved.
Later in the fight he gets him close and shoots him in his stomach and while he is bleeding he makes fun of Alfred and gets him so mad that his punch breaks Hush's neck and kills him instantly. Then he succumbs to the ground and dies in his own pool of blood. And people choose to carry and honor him.
As you can see the story is too dark and bloody. And Warners. was prepared to go with this but Heath's death and Chris changed Hush into Bane and we got The Dark Knight Rises! And strangely enough the name of this movie also was The Dark Knight Rises. Now how awesome would it have been if we had Hush. And another cool thing...Hugh Jackman was up for the role. It was all so Top Secret but now it's out.
And there is no Batman reboot. The new Batman that will be introduced in JLA is apparently Joseph Gordon-Levvit assuming his role as the new Batman. But this one is actually just an idea because Christian may return too. For now embrace the idea of Bane instead of Hush."

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