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Default Re: First Class ACTORS Thread [new proyects, interviews, quotes...]

If majority of film takes place In 1973 why are only 4 first Class actors confirmed as returning?It seems like we have 8 now set for future scenes.That's a lot for susposly only
a small part of film.

Bryan Singer never said majority of film takes place In 1973.That came from other report.He said part of film takes place In 1973.

Michael Fassbender would be needed heavily even If there was a more equal split between 1973 and future.Which would be half of film In future and half the film In 1973 and time goes back and forth like comic.

You would think If majority of film did take place In 1973 there would be more from first class announced as returning.Right now with the nightcrawler slip and bryan announced an actor will be playing Nixon that's 13 characters councting both Xavier and Magneto as 1 character each.

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