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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Singer himself already confirmed a while back that there were still announcements that were going to be made in regards to the First Class team because common sense would tell you that there's no way it's only going to be Prof. X & Beast vs. Magneto and Mystique in the 70's.

That would just be silly.
Of course not.That still doesn't change the fact that we are a few weeks away from filming and yet only 4 first Class actors are confirmed.With exception of Peter Dinklage and Omar Sy(depending on who he Is playing) all the announcments have been on OT returnes after the first announcements.
After awhile you have to wonder why that Is.having a bunch of new faces for a crossover event doesn't seem likely If they are trying to copy the avengers.

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