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Default Re: Original and Older Professor X: The Patrick Stewart Thread

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
They're going to have to find some other way to work around X3, and if they find a solution for this problem, what's stopping them from solving the Jean/Scott death problem?
If it's an Alt reality nothing. Theres no rules, they can show up very easily. If it's post X3 alot is stopping them from being added during the future scenes, they would need at least 20 min to themselves to have a somewhat legit resurrection for both. Then they would either A. Die or B. Get put in a camp. Makes bringing them back kinda pointless. They gotta wait till the end when the futures fixed or new timelines added if it's a post X3 future.

If they're somewhat faithful the future should be a horrible place for the X-Men, does anyone really want to see Cyclops and Jean get killed again on screen?

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