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Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
I think as the Duke of Suffolk in The Tudors, Stephen in I Capture The Castle and Melot in Tristan & Isolde he was good. Cavill was a solid lesd in Blood Creek and Immortals.

To be honest Cavill hasn't had alot of great roles or been in alot of great movies or televison shows so far. He seems to have average acting skills so far which is fine. Who knows what he could do if given a good script, the right role or good director.

Cavill didn't go to Drama school or started as a child actor so you can see is steady improvement as his got older.
Regarding Cavill's acting and speaking as an actor, all actors have roles that fall more within their range that they can naturally portray more authentically than others. That doesn't mean there aren't versatile actors who can pull off a variety of roles. I think of stars like Will Ferell - who plays the confident blowhard really well, or Steve Carell who excels at well-intentioned idiots. Johnny Depp, who I feel is extremely versatile, plays quirky, eccentric characters consistently well.

I'm not comparing Cavill to these guys, I just think there seems to be an inherent sense of decency and charisma that comes across in Cavill's interviews that I think will work very well for Superman.

I thought it was the same for Welling on Smallville - I never thought he was the strongest actor, but he had this natural dignity and decency that made his Clark Kent work well.

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