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Default Re: What villain should be pulling Winter Soldier's strings?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Eh, there are some actors let to be linked with characters. Coster-Waldau notably. My own suspicion is that he's playing Zemo, they are just keeping it under wraps.
Exactly what I was thinking

Originally Posted by lozzy.94 View Post
Is any one else wondering how Zemo will look on screen? If Marvel Studios cast a big name actor for the role, i doubt he will be wearing a mask.
Originally Posted by CosmicCap View Post
I think the suit above is perfect mask included
yeah. no way the bail on the mask. that's such an iconic part of his physical character. if they leave that out, he's not zemo. period.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
The purple mask is iconic to Zemo. *If* Zemo is in this, he *will* be wearing a purple mask, rest assured. Marvel understands iconography. Might not look exactly like the comics, but it will be a purple mask of some sort.
yup. though they are missing thor's helmet :P

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