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Default Re: Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
The designs used for the Transformers movies are gaudy. Extremely gaudy. They're overly designed while the original designs and the art from Dreamwave and IDW are great templete to use. In fact, it felt like Bay was trying to reinvent the wheel and put his stamp on the franchise. But the problem to me is that I never get the sense that he truly respects it, hence the designs choices. I mean, Optimus Prime is an extremely well designed character from the get-go, and while the film version stays kinda true, it's NOT an improvement

The film version of Starscream is an example of a character who looked worse than his cartoon/comic/toy version. Totally generic looking.
Consider how many people are involved on an executive level(and creative level), it's pretty obtuse to think everything you are seeing of the designs is from BAY's mind.
-Hasbro(probably have the most say)
-ILM creative leads
Not saying bay doesn't have a say let's be real, this is a multi studio film. That being said, if you people had no concept of what the source material every looked like, I have a feeling things would be different. People have to get it through their heads that the aesthetic they are so in love was was born out of a designed for 2D animation pitch package. Designing for 80's 2D animation and designing for 200million dollar CGI shouldn't be the same thing. Just look at LordOfTheRings(probably a bad example).

Secondly, unlike "ironman," selling the concept of mech aliens that open and fold up into vehicles at the "jurassic park wow" cgi levels, means that the designs may have to be more on the function over form style. Ironman is a man encased in metal, especially that first suit. Transformers are something else. And you better believe kids believe what they are seeing 100%.
What's interesting is that when you had an ironman armor that sorta had to transform you got a much more radical design. see suit case amor. Still it wasn't an alien and it was still just an encasement.

Thirdly, The producers of this franchise have to deal with a particular issue almost no other film of this success ever has. A live action film with non human leads. It's never, and will never happen. Ignoring the press tour element, executives sell movies on human leads and romance. Why bay should simply make fans happy by taking all the executive money and making a movie like the video games or comics is silly thinking. This isn't Avengers or GI Joe.
Sadly bay and co. have the same dilemma with TMNT.

I love how we all love to put our noses up and hate on this so called "lowest common denominator" and how it's a plague upon cinema, yet you will never ever hear a word about the shame in the Hangover franchise(racism, nudity, low ball humor). That recent jack and the bean stock movie from the respectable Bryan Singer, has farting and other such jokes...
Then we'll have people defend the fast series as good but TF 1-3 as bad. This is simply hypocrisy. If there was conviction I would at least give their opinion more weight.
TF has never pretended to be anything more than an adaptation of an 80's toy commercial...for kids, are kids happy?

This summer we'll see a more geek friendly Pacific Rim come out. It's got money, it's got ILM, and it's got a great date. Let's see what happens. When it fails to get TF numbers, the matter of what Bay and co are doing should be resolved.
Again, those robots don't have to transform so we'll finally get to see solid designs......droooll.

Sometimes aliens have dog legs, deal with it.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.

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