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Default Re: What villains should be sympathetic?

Two-Face can be sympathetic, since many "takes" on his origin involve him briefly becoming the Punisher with a coin fetish. He wants to kill criminals instead of using the law, and gives them a 50/50 chance. I sometimes think Nolan added the "kidnap Gordon's family" element to DARK KNIGHT so Harvey wouldn't be too sympathetic.

In The Killing Joke, the Joker is only sympathetic in a "What in idiot" sense. "Unfair crap happens to you and you snap" isn't how mental illness works.

Nyssa Raatko (Ra's Al Ghul's other daughter) is sympathetic in the "She got tortured by Josef Mengele and Ra's didn't do anything to save her" sense. They obviously were going for Talia without the 'Oh, Beloved!' element.

The Penguine has sometimes been played as a nastier "Quark from Deep Space Nine." That could work semi-sympathetic if they play him as a not-so-humble nightclub owner that has a LOT of bouncers to fight Batman.

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