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Default Re: Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?

Marvin, we may not agree on everything......but I respect your opinion. But Transformers is for kids and families, and we've gotten to the point in pop culture where..we can do better. I'm not asking for Shakespeare..but robot balls and the Twins are awful. Agian, I don't hate part 1 and 3, but part 2 is just meandering, loud and boring.

And let's not compare this to The Hangover. I think there's a valid discussion there, but that's a Rated R franchise built on the college crowd. It's not for selling toys for kids.

That being said, did I mention that Bay's Transformers look nasty and gaudy? Hehe..

"Benicio Del Toro is up-and-coming...and this (movie) could be his breakthrough role."

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