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Default Re: Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
Marvin, we may not agree on everything......but I respect your opinion. But Transformers is for kids and families, and we've gotten to the point in pop culture where..we can do better. I'm not asking for Shakespeare..but robot balls and the Twins are awful. Agian, I don't hate part 1 and 3, but part 2 is just meandering, loud and boring.

And let's not compare this to The Hangover. I think there's a valid discussion there, but that's a Rated R franchise built on the college crowd. It's not for selling toys for kids.

That being said, did I mention that Bay's Transformers look nasty and gaudy? Hehe..
It's a real discussion when you label what the hangover is and reaches for. However that discussion is never ever framed when people show up(here for example) and say things like.

"I was offended by this movie"
"I thought the humor was trite"
"I thought the character was racist"

Are these people speaking for the many children(showing up to a pg13 film). Or are they just speaking for themselves? The parents that show up with their kids for the 3rd film and are surprised, fine. But forum members that simply act offended upon viewing this film but not others(such as hangover) are pretty two faced imo.

I remember how bad people wanted to complain about Ken Jeong being another racial stereotype that was offensive to them in TF3. They wanted to soooo bad.
That same summer dude reprized his crazy asian role in hangover and not a word was spoken of the matter.

All that being said, I'm there with most of you guys. The series could be better, but just because it can doesn't mean it's not making hundreds of thousands of people really happy. It's for that very same reason that I don't bash nolans batman as much as I want to(I do rant often). Cause it's just my opinion.
3 straight hits means something. And not coming off of a star wars legacy.
The last one making more money than any batman effort.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.
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