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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
They made one character worse and almost every other character exceptionally better than their comics counterparts this season.

I can live with it.
your rick " **** happens " avatar goes so well with this . lol

anyways, i got unbelievably pissed when andrea got in the car with the governer right infront of rick and everyone. dat triflin' hoe. at the same time though, it looks like she's plotting to kill him, which is good, but.... *****, YOU COULD'VE DONE IT WHEN HE WAS ASLEEP AND YOU WERE RIGHT NEXT TO HIM WITH A KNIFE IN YOUR HAND.

of course , they have to find any reason to keep the main antagonist(well, the zombies would be the real "antagonists " of the show, but still ) alive for as long as possible so i guess her stupidity...... helps ? idunno...

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Comic fans will always defend the hot chick with the rack, unless said chick was divorcing someone like Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy.
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