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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by BobJM View Post

Or if Xavier is using Cerebro to induce time travel,

Bingo! As long as Cerebro exist in both points in time. I'm sure the mansion is destroyed by Sentinels in the future but if they have a basic version that can transport Kitty or someone else's mind back in time and downloaded through the past Cerebro.

It will probably be someone that appears only to Xavier through the astral plane like a ghost.

Originally Posted by Matt Mortem View Post
I really love the festering boil of hate this thread is. I'll never understand obsessively talking about how bad a film no one has seen yet is going to be, or people who obsessively talk about how they aren't gonna see the film.... Is it worth getting worked up into a nice frothy rage? Not a chance. Not a chance in hell.
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