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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
I also think Ralph Fiennes would make the perfect Mr. Freeze. Reason being, he can be very intimidating. He can give a cold performance, but he has this vibe where you would feel sorry for him. It's natural with Fiennes.There is this pitiful and likeable feel about him. Less Voldermort and more Red Dragon performance.
i'd love to see this. someone suggested him for alfred in another thread and i didn't really see it ... lol

Originally Posted by ChukNoris View Post
Alan Ford as Penguin

he's the guy talking about feeding people to pigs (snatch trailer)
i could possibly see this working, but an actor from other particular british gangster flicks that i'd love to see as the penguin would be jamie foreman ( played the duke in layer cake and lennie taylor in gangster no. 1 )

although i'm pretty sure i've suggested him for the role somewhere else in this thread, or another thread that i can't remember.

( i love how he happens to be talking to david thewlis in that scene, whom i previously suggested for the riddler. and, of course, paul bettany , who i suggested for the joker, is in the scene as well )

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Aaron Paul would make for an awesome Riddler. He has that perfect blend of maturity and crazy edginess that Riddler needs
when i first watched him in breaking bad he gave me a "chris o'donell as robin " feel, although better acted and less annoying of course . i see him as more of a "young talented actor who could really do some unexpectedly great work with the joker role like heath ledger did " type but i wouldn't mind seeing him as the riddler as well.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Comic fans will always defend the hot chick with the rack, unless said chick was divorcing someone like Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy.

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