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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Hmmm... the last of the old Bat-movies I watched during my recent marathon. The rep is justified, but it's over and done with. I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. Batman has been brought back to the big screen with a reasonable degree of self-respect. So as far as I'm concerned, Schumacher is off the hook. It's in the past and we can all just move on now.

B&R was just as bad the second time round, but the second time I was able to sit back and examine it without getting het up about everything. At least not too much. I mean what is with that giant statue when they do the big car jump sequence?! Why is it there? Why the hell would anyone put such gaudy monstrosity in the middle of a city? %$#@@#$ %$#@$ &^%$!!!!

Okay. Okay. I'm cool. I'll just focus on what I did like. Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. She was rather good in my opinion. But Pfeiffer stole her thunder long before this movie. Still, a reasonable performance given the materiel.

Alfred's interactions with Bruce were very touching. This is why Micheal Gough owns Micheal Caine in my book. Caine's Alfred is far to boorish for my tastes, and it doesn't help that he brow beats Bruce at every ****ing turn. I just want that dude to STFU throughout the whole Nolan Trilogy. Whereas Gough's Alfred acts like a grown-up. Alfred is Bruce's dignified and sturdy emotional anchor all through the films... and that is exactly how Alfred should be. To hell with doing **** differently just because. Some things don't need to be changed. Ever. Rest in peace, Mr. Gough. We'll miss you terribly.

Oh, and Victor gets a good ending! I can't tell you how gratifying this was after reading Snyder's butchery of Freeze during Court of Owls. Why can't Victor just be rehabilitated and become an ally of Bruce and Batman?

He'd serve wonderfully as the first real example of rogue who genuinely turns over a new leaf. I'd love for this to become standard among the Bat-mythos. Twenty years after 'Heart of Ice' nothing has changed... at least for the better. Victor has so much potential as a converted ally of Bruce. I can think of so many places they can take his character. But nooooooooooo, the editors at DC cling to the past. Freeze's tragic villain shtick has worn very thin indeed.

How about a change, you morons? What would it hurt anyway? Batman has rogues coming out of his ears! There's a ****ing tonne of of them for gods sake. How about a new friend in the form of an old enemy? I'm pretty sure most Bat-fans wouldn't mind in the least. It will be something new and exciting, and thus something the hacks at DC know very little about. So I'm not holding my breath over here.

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