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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

What is so wrong about Talia and Bane working together? That doesn't make Bane any less of a villain. Their plan was an attack on two sides, Bruce Wayne and Batman. Talia worked as an enemy disguised as a friend to get to the bomb, because only Bruce would have told her where it was. Bane broke the Bat, took control of Gotham City for several months with an armed doomsday device, and threw the Dark Knight in a hole in the ground to die. If it's a pissing contest you want, how long did the Joker scare Gotham City? A few days? And the Joker's plan to throw Gotham City into an uproar over Two-Face? Bane did that. He picked up the Joker's scraps.

Bane achieved what no other Batman villain has done, he humiliated Batman. Yeah, Batman may have been "crippled", or whatever you want to call it, but that didn't stop him from escaping the police or taking out the dozen or so henchmen armed with guns. That shows that he's still the same Batman he's been in the last two movies, regardless of any knee brace or physical condition. Then comes the one-sided beatdown in front of an audience, followed by exile from the city he has sworn to protect. At this point, Bruce has also lost his fortune and handed over the bomb threatening to destroy Gotham, and he can't do a thing about it. It's the lowest point of his life and it came from the work of two minds, Talia and Bane. Now, of course, their plan to destroy Gotham would have worked, if it weren't that pesky Batman mucking things up.

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