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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by milost View Post
He beat the crud out of Batman with a crow bar, sicced dogs on him and almost choked him to death, definitely immobilized him. He could have killed Batman if he wanted to. The Joker didn't even have training and he took down a seasoned crime fighter that was in his prime! The only way Batman beat him was with his sweet arm blades.

I'd say he got Batman physically in there as well. Batman doesn't even really get a shot in. Sure, he didn't break his back, but he beat the crap out of him and created a situation where Batman had to haul his butt clear across Gotham.

What did Bane do? He beat down a guy with a knee brace who hadn't fought in 8 years and did nothing but mope around in his mansion. Then, he let that same guy heal in a pit, escape the pit (something Bane could never do without help) and then got his ass kicked.

Then he discards any sense of honor when his boss leaves and does something the comic Bane would never do, cowardly puts a gun to his opponents head that bested him fairly in combat. Then without warning, he's sent flying like a rag doll.

A fitting, unmemorable end to his kind. Best thing about the movie character is the memes that are made about him and the raps that are made!
You're really trying to give Joker the winning factor when he uses pipes, dogs and a knife over Bane using his fists? Lol.


"Mah protectah".
A protector = a lackey?

So would Kham be only a lackey to the war elephant Kohm in your eyes too?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
The difference is that in Knightfall, Batman being worn out was all due to Bane from the beginning. Bane spent several months studying Batman and coming to the conclusion that physical strength alone wasn't enough to beat him so he came up with the plan of breaking all of Arkham's inmates in order to wear down Bruce. After that, he took advantage of Batman's exhausted mind, body, and spirit and decided that that was the moment for him to strike and break the bat. That's the reason why Bane became such a popular villain with the fans in such a short amount of time - he managed to utterly break and destroy Batman by developing & carrying out a well thought plan and by beating Batman at his own game (using prep time against him).

Bruce was already crippled in TDKR prior to the start of the movie so Bane crippling him doesn't have anywhere of the same amount of impact that it did in the book IMO and the fact he gets taken out pretty fast by a still-somewhat-crippled-but-nowhere-as-crippled-as-before Batman doesn't add to the impact it was supposed to have either.

It is specifically the Talia reveal in the third act which ruins Bane in the movie IMO. That's when we learn that he was just a lackey and that Talia was doing the planning all along. By that point, we know absolutely nothing about Bane's character either. Our entire knowledge of him is reduced to nothing. We don't know what he's been saying throughout the movie that was true and what wasn't. The whole backstory about him being the only one other than Bruce to get out of that hole also turns out to be false, which is a shame since it fit Bane really well and was similar to his origin in the comics too.
And I get the difference what Bane did in Knightfall, but in simplest form, Bane fought a weakened Batman. And Bruce was still in great physical shape in TDKR, just eight years off his prime(and even more cocky than what he was in TDK).

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Also, Hans Landa is a much better villain than Bane. One of the greatest.
Hans Landa is better than the Joker as well.

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