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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
That's why I don't look at things in simplest form and I look at the big picture overall.
So you wanted the big picture to be just like Knightfall to make you like the idea of Bane beating Batman or what? What happens in TDKR fits just fine, imo: Bane defeated a weakened Batman such as he does in Knightfall.

Joker brought up a pretty good point:
So he doesn't do anything to show his physicality between his first return and his bout against Bane, but he DID show his intelligence blending into the shadows as well as his agility against the regular LoS thugs before he met up with Bane.

There's nothing that I can really add to that. Plus, if Bruce was still in such a great shape, then there was no reason for him to quit being Batman due to physical reasons and pass the mantle to a rookie cop with no training.
Where do you get the idea that Bruce retired because of his physical shape?

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Atleast when Joker lost he didn't pull a shot gun out on his enemy who is defenseless and tied up.

Oh man, are you really trying to pull something out of thin air to make someone "better"? Wanting a cheap kill is what comes out of Batman actually being better than Bane that showed and that's why Bane ended up getting a cheap kill. Joker was not like Bane; he didn't become jealous of Batman and only wanted him to be brought down to Joker's level. HUGE difference and something I'd thought you would know besides trying to bring that point up of Bane trying to blow Bruce's head off with a shotgun.

But, that huge difference doesn't make Joker better at all, imo.

Yup, Talia was the brains of the organization, Bane was clearly the brawn. He helped her try and destroy the city, just like he helped her escape the pit.
Until we know that Talia told Bane to reveal the lie about Dent or told Bane to kidnap Dr. Pavel or told Bane to put Gotham City into a martial law state than I refuse to believe Bane is just the brawn as some would love to believe. In fact, it's hilarious how the people who have that mindset are the people who dislike or even hate the film.

The exchange at the end with the "twist" really takes Bane to an all new low. He wasn't excommunicated for being too extreme, he was excommunicated because Talia had daddy issues with Ra's, and Bane reminded Ra's of the horrors of the pit prison. Bane didn't make the climb, Talia did. Bane wasn't overlooking the street fight from city hall like a commanding general, Talia did (he was out there with the troops). The energy orb? Talia. The stock exchange? You can see Talia walk in as Miranda Tate by the shoe shiners right before Bane showed up.
A new low? Talia literally being Bane's Osito and bringing up that concept in TDKR does not take Bane to an all new low at all. Who cares if Bane wasn't ex-communicated by being too extreme since we see how extreme Bane is anyways in TDKR?

And you believe the stock exchange bs of Miranda Tate walking through the doors? You probably believe that you see Heath Ledger at the restaurant in TDK between Harvey, Rachel, Bruce and the ballerina too, huh?

All Bane did was the dirty work, Talia was the one in command. After the reveal, Barsad doesn't stay with Bane does he? No, he escorts Talia to the Tumbler.
How does Barsad escorting Talia mean a damn thing?

Bane is really no different than Batman and Robin Bane, the only difference is, Bane in TDKR is actually intelligent (well, sort of, he did let Bruce recuperate inside the cell), can talk and actually says more than "Bane", "bomb" and "monkey". Then again, what TDKR Bane states is ridiculous and hard to hear, unless you watch the movie over and over again and/or have the subtitles on and familiarize yourself with the film.

Your ignorance of Bane in TDKR is the reason why you probably made such a silly poll/thread in the first place.

Bane "done right", has yet to be done. As soon as they made him an ex-LoS and Talia's babysitter and made him cry, they chopped off any balls Bane had. He wasn't even his own man. Would have been nice if he wanted the city for himself (and break it's protector, Batman) like a true revolutionary leader/mercenary with ideals instead of a half assed lie to troll the city for 5 months.
You sound like the regular ol' nitpicker now that brings up him crying as a "failure" for Bane.

His intelligence, him being a physical presence, him being an expert tactician and strategist, him being a master of disguise, his views on the innocent, Talia being a real-life Osito in the film...oh yah, Bane wasn't done right at all, lol.

I don't even know what you're referencing.
The Protector. A film. But in your eyes, it should be called The Lackey I guess.

Except it was Bane who weakened Batman in Knightfall. It was Bane's intent of tiring Batman down in Knightfall by releasing criminals and super criminals. It was part of Bane's strategy.

In TDKR? Bruce is weak even before he even discovers Bane, and it certainly isn't Bane's doing, if anything it's actually the Joker's.

Really, what is the reason you made this poll? To bad mouth Bane, huh?

I respectfully disagree, though Landa is up there (as opposed to "down there" where Bane is).
Landa is greatly better than any villain in Nolan's trilogy as well as any villain in any CBM. I'm not going to sound biased as some would about it, lol.

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