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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by mandisab View Post
right he showed up when the joker was in a cell

and since the joker is always changing his story what makes you think he wont kill batman if he had the chance
Joker is not always changing his story. He changes his backstory about how he got his scars. That's it. Which I've already shown you is from the comic books.

He never makes a direct attempt on Batman's life himself. He could have slit his throat when he had him trapped at the end in the Prewitt building, but he didn't. He could have been rid of Batman for good by letting Reese spill his identity on TV but he didn't. He went and protected him.

So why you think he would suddenly want to kill Batman is beyond me.

plus once batman was revealed as bruce was it goin to be the same for joker??
Batman was never revealed as Bruce to Gotham so your question is redundant. But if he was, then Bruce would be arrested and that would be the end of Batman. Obviously Joker didn't want that because Batman is just too much fun to him.

Now stop dodging my question and answer me: What do you think Bane was going to do with that shotgun pointed at Batman's face at the end other than being a coward and shooting him?

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