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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by milost View Post
She had sex with the man she hated to "weaken him"? He looked pretty pumped jumping off the floor and heading down into the cave to suit up and find Bane to me.

Or do you that she really thought she'd convince Bruce to fly out somewhere (after she was practically given Wayne Enterprises/the board and the clean energy orb). LOL

I thought by saying getting him weak you would know what I mean, but I guess not...she made Bruce soft(no pun intended) to the point where Bruce could have agreed to leave Gotham with someone he had just slept with as any man would probably just do whatever the hell a woman wants to do after she bangs your lights out(again, no pun intended once more since the electricity did go out).

Why say "lol" to that when Talia obviously thought Bruce would agree since she even ****ing asked him?

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