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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Hey guys and gals. As a fellow fan of Heath's incredible turn as the Clown Prince of Crime, I have to say I'm beyond impressed by the dedication of everyone here!

I've cosplayed as the two versions of the Joker; Heath's Dark Knight incarnation (done in Halloween of '09) and a combination of the one from the 90's Animated Series and the recent Arkham videogame series by Rocksteady. I've worn both a few times before for Halloween and at conventions. While neither is as perfect as I'd like, I'm still fairly pleased with how they came out considering I pulled both of these costumes together on a shoestring budget.

These highlight my make-up job and part of the costume from '09 (with and without the added liquid latex scars, respectively). The latex held up surprisingly well!

2009 me in full regalia:

Unfortunately, I didn't get very many pictures of myself in full costume when I tried again in 2011, but here are a few of me in my Mark Hamill costume (even though my hair is still a bit long for this one):

Currently, I'm debating on springing for a much better coat, perhaps one of the professional, custom-made ones. I'm interested in the versions, but am unsure of which one to get, as I've heard horror stories of the coats being shipped without the front pockets and other defects. The original $108 one looks like it has a darker, more faithful coloration while the newer $138 version is more faithful in design (especially the lapels) but seems to sacrifice the darker, plum-purple coloration. This could just be a case of the lighting used (it looks very bright) but still I'd be interested in hearing some of your opinions!

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