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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Nothing. It's Bane working for Talia that riles people the wrong way.
I don't remember anything that says Bane was working under her. I've always seen it as a partnership.

He took Gotham hostage for several months, and what happened in those several months? Nothing. Cops were locked under ground, alive, and well fed. The rich people were thrown on the ice. The rest of Gotham just seemingly kept their heads down.

Most boring city siege ever.
The plan was to blow up the city on its scheduled date while the citizens ripped the town apart. After the takeover, it was time to wait while the people did the dirty work.

Yeah, and in those few days we saw a more terrified chaotic Gotham City than we ever saw during Bane's 5 month dragged out quiet siege. Give me Judges and Police Commissioners getting blown away, mobs of angry panicked citizens trying to assassinate a citizen, Gotham hospital being blown up, a city wide evacuation, Gotham Police HQ getting blown up, Cops cars and helicopters getting destroyed in epic chase scenes etc over the dull happenings during Bane's pointless siege.
The Joker did what he does best, but he didn't turn the city into a police state, cut off from the world, which is no feat to brush off.

Really? Where did we see the city in an uproar over the revelation of the Dent lie? The only reaction I saw was Blake's moral posturing to Gordon.
Uproar, perhaps not. But he destroys the symbol of Harvey Dent to take away the people's perceived nobility of the government and notions of social order to fuel the Gothamities' rampaging.

Baloney. Riding the Bat-Pod and escaping in The Bat doesn't take any extreme stamina. As Alfred so correctly said "You led a bloated Police force a merry chase with a load of fancy new toys from Fox".

As for the fight on the rooftop, taking out a few thugs is not indicative that he was what he was, especially considering he had Selina helping him in that fight, too.
He escapes a manhunt, kicks henchmen ass like always, makes his way through tunnels and gunfire in the dark to make it to Bane. For a guy who hasn't Batmaned in eight years, he does pretty well, as if he never left. Not a single screw up until he runs into the wall that is Bane.

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