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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 144

Originally Posted by milost View Post
But he was leaving Gotham in Begins though, so that's a stretch.

I don't see what the big deal is whether he was going or leaving (ignoring the occupation which will be addressed below) is. He travels the world in Begins without using his money, why can't he do it now reversed?

And Gotham wasn't occupied by terrorists and closed off from the rest of the world in Begins. AND Bruce Wayne still had his faithful butler and all of his assets. AND he wasn't imprisoned in the middle of no where in a desert.

Yes, and you have operatives who show you how to sneak into the city. What other purpose do they have? Bruce sneaks in using the supply trucks. And, didn't they show a town in the distance when either he or Talia (in flashback) escaped the Pit? And why does he need his assets? He didn't need them to get around the world in the first place, he just decided to use them on the way back.

Pretty big difference. How did he get back to Gotham in Batman Begins? Why, he simply called up his butler and flew back to Gotham in HIS PRIVATE JET (which meets him just under the mountains, close to where he was left off last time).

Again, he still traveled to get there in the first place. He used the jet to go back, yes. But he didn't need it to travel to Asia to begin with.

In TDKR it's established that no one comes in or out (unless you're supplies), and if you somehow do manage to get in (special ops), they're on your tail almost immediately. There's also the fact that several key entrances back into the city are closed off, blown to bits and there's not only an entire city inside who is supposed to be vigilant to people that come in or out (out of fear of the "ordinary citizen") but also the government OUTSIDE that is keeping tabs on what goes in as to not upset the situation.

Not sure what point you're trying to make here, you point out yourself how people sneak inside the city. So why do you have a problem with Bruce getting in when the Special ops can?

That was what they established and the rules they set. So it's a little jarring when we see Bruce escape, with no money or things to his name, with nothing more than a piece of wrap around cloth (with a little food I guess), in the middle of nowhere in an unnamed location WITH only days to go before the bomb goes off. Then to top it off, when we see him again, he's just strolling up to Selina (like he was in there all along) and coincidentally the bomb will go off with hours to go. I mean, they would have been the perfect opportunity to depict a "disguised Bruce", but nah, just let him stroll right down the walk way towards Selina.

There was some water in there too, I'd assume. He survived in Begins without using his resources until the way back, I don't see why he can't do it now.

Not saying everything needs to be explained (certainly when Nolan will hit you in the head over and over again with the same ideas and themes), but the things that he chooses not to go into detail, when he has before, is just baffling and against what he did in the previous films. Sure, there's the Joker, but atleast we get some sense that he's capable of doing these things as the film and character evolves. They start out small with a bank robbery, seems simple enough. Then they build up to the hospital then the ferries. It's all built upon and with Joker's character being two steps ahead of everyone and in control of the city, it's not hard to imagine.

And we see that Batman is capable of traveling the world without using his resources, walk on ice and is trained as a ninja (basically). You ignore the abilities set up in Begins and are limiting it to what we see in TDKR. This is a trilogy that builds upon each previous film, like how the Joker builds his way up in TDK.
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