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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I don't remember anything that says Bane was working under her. I've always seen it as a partnership.
Yeah but not everyone sees it that way. A lot of people feel as soon as Talia was revealed it was clear he was doing it all for her.

Which it does. I was wondering why Bane would care about completing Ra's Al Ghul's work when Ra's had kicked him out of the LOS.

The plan was to blow up the city on its scheduled date while the citizens ripped the town apart. After the takeover, it was time to wait while the people did the dirty work.
I know what the plan was. That doesn't change a thing I said.

The Joker did what he does best, but he didn't turn the city into a police state, cut off from the world, which is no feat to brush off.
Not the point. I'm not talking about the feat he pulled off. It's easy to do something like that when you inherit a ready made society like the LOS and all the knowledge and resources they have with it handed to you on a silver plate, like Batman's identity. There's nothing impressive about that. The point made is what Joker did was far more interesting than what Bane did. With Joker's reign of terror you saw it tear Gotham and it's people apart. You saw anarchy and chaos every time he popped up.

What did you see during Bane's siege besides a few frightened sheep citizens hiding in their houses, and rich folk being sent to the ice by Crane. It was boring. Filler material for Bruce to find his fear again and train himself back up and escape the pit.

Uproar, perhaps not. But he destroys the symbol of Harvey Dent to take away the people's perceived nobility of the government and notions of social order to fuel the Gothamities' rampaging.
How do you know that? Where did you see anything like that? Where did you even hear one regular citizen's reaction to it?

He escapes a manhunt, kicks henchmen ass like always, makes his way through tunnels and gunfire in the dark to make it to Bane. For a guy who hasn't Batmaned in eight years, he does pretty well, as if he never left. Not a single screw up until he runs into the wall that is Bane.
Lets see:

1. "You led a bloated Police force a merry chase with a load of fancy new toys from Fox". So much for the manhunt.
2. Kicks henchmen ass? What a few thugs on the roof with the HELP of Selina?
3. Able to dodge gun fire in a pitch black tunnel, and get the element of surprise with the aid of Selina as a distraction to the men? I am so impressed.

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