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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
It is not the same thing. Beating a weakened man that YOU yourself weakened on purpose and beating a weakened man that was already weakened from the beginning due to reasons that have nothing to do with you are two completely different things.

I wanted the big picture to be Bane either taking down Batman at his prime all by himself or Bane being the reason to why Bruce is weakened in the first place and then taking him down. Then it would've had the same impact on people that it did in the comics.

If you didn't mind, then that's fine with me but I personally did.
I would have liked to see the bold happen(either of those) as well, but what happened worked for the film I think, imo.

I LOVE this line, though: "Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you."

That's still not enough. Blending into the shadows and taking down a few thugs is not exactly a Batman at his peak, especially since we've seen him do so many more impressive things in the previous 2 movies like taking down a whole SWAT team at the end of TDK.

Also, we still don't know if those were LoS thugs. If you think about it, the LoS doesn't appear at any point in the movie. Bane's mercenaries do appear but they're referred to as "Bane's mercenaries" the whole time and they don't even look like how the LoS looked like in Batman Begins. The only reference we get to the LoS being in the movie is Bane and Talia saying that they (Bane and Talia respectively) are the LoS but the LoS itself never makes an appearance and if Bane's mercenaries are supposed to be the LoS, then that is never made clear.
Woah, woah, woah....before I reply...are you saying the mercenaries are just that? Mercenaries not related to the League of Shadows and they belong to Bane? If so then 1.) That totally rips the idea of Bane being just a "lackey" as some would love to accept since they are Bane's guys and him and Talia are indeed just co-conspirators, and 2.) The League doesn't exist except for Bane and Talia who are in league(no punt intended) with just each other.

But, anyways, back to answering your post...showing some of his prowess is enough to know that Bruce still has some "getup" to him even if it's not exactly like taking out SWAT teams as before. He just needed to get his mind right and train and then he could be an equal to Bane in battle as seen in round two between them.

I never believed that to be the case but that is one of the reasons the Nolanites like to throw around to justify Bruce hanging up the cape and cowl. I never believed that to be the case since he showed more than enough physical endurance to continue throughout the movie.

Heck, I never bought the idea that Bruce is really that severely injured. Yes, I know that he is supposed to be severely injured and crippled since the movie makes a big deal out of that but I still don't know where exactly he got those injuries because the movie never explains it and I don't buy that it was from that fall in TDK either.
So we are in agreement there then. I never believed Bruce to have retired because of his physical shape; I only believed Bruce to retire because it was just time for him to leave the cape and cowl behind. He's beyond his prime thanks to him being away from the cape and cowl for eight years and now knowing how Alfred feels about how Bruce needs to leave Gotham City for good.

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