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Default Favorite acts of the trilogy?

So here's something new for us all...

I was thinking about a topic that was brought up on another thread speaking on favorite acts of the three films and what not, so I decided to make a poll on it.

The rules,

Pick only your favorite acts(1-3) of the three films, and for example as well as my picks:

- My favorite 1st act is in Batman Begins; my favorite intro(while I liked the villain prologues in TDK and TDKR, I greatly enjoyed Bruce Wayne waking up from his nightmare to only be in prison and then he's greeted by Ducard/Ra's al Ghul and the story of Nolan's take on Bruce Wayne/Batman begins).

- My favorite 2nd act is in The Dark Knight; the build up of Batman doing his best to track down his greatest enemy and the progression of Harvey Dent being this calm individual to showing a very wicked side.

- My favorite 3rd act is in The Dark Knight Rises; Bruce Wayne returns from the Pit, gets Selina Kyle's help, frees the police and the war between Bane's mercenaries/the Blackgate inmates and the GCPD erupts on the street infront of City Hall with a great finale of Batman finally stopping the League of Shadows for good...and what an amazing final five minutes to end the trilogy. Plus, the beginning of TDKR showed ice covering a black screen and the end of the film had water draining down the black screen seemingly showing a change happening as the mantle of The Batman is even passed down. Such great illustrations.


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