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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
And that's just it. I can understand some people feeling left a bit cold and the way things were kind of skimmed over. But I have to still tip my hat to Nolan for using such potent imagery to convey the feeling of a fallen city with such economy.

He said he was trying to incorporate some influence from the silent film era, and it shows.
Oh, all of Nolan's talk of the silent era and what not, and it shows what exactly about the silent era influenced what when you see some of the imagery. Heck, I would even give the example of Bane vs Batman in the sewers with zero music in the background.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Yes, those were indeed great shots. Expand on that stuff and less tracking the bomb and it would have made for a better second act, IMO.

What is frustrating is a lot of this stuff is there, but almost sparingly and it never really goes places like in TDK. I'm not asking for another ferry boat situation, just more expansions of the consequences from the film before. The biggest one that riles me up is Gordon not having any sort of mea culpa. Oh how that scene would have been great.
What gets me is that, I wouldn't mind expansions at all, but I get less irritated when I know of the IMAX restraints. And while some would want to see less of it, I think tracking the bomb has more to do with giving Robin some screen time than focusing on the bomb. Nolan wanted to show that someone was doing their best in making things right and it happened to be Robin, lol.

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