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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Another area in comparing the two amazing as Joker's music is, I think Zimmer outdid himself with all of Bane's music in TDKR. Some of that stuff is just really incredible.

I particularly am in love with the cue from "The Fire Rises", which plays during the montage of the siege/Bane's speech. That is just insanely powerful stuff. I also love how the same motif is able to simultaneously from this big, evil LOS version of the "Imperial March" while also serving as an epic triumphant return/battle theme when Batman and Bane fight again at the end. It's a really great way to illustrate how the tables have turned (because after all Bruce has "earned" the chant, Bane actually hasn't). Some people fault Zimmer for writing in such broad strokes, but I think it really paid off here.

They're just such different villains. When you set aside all the fanboyish stuff like who was able to "accomplish" more (cause face it- that's only comparing what Chris/Jonah/Goyer chose for each of them to accomplish), Bane just allowed the story to go in a direction that wouldn't have been appropriate for a story with The Joker, and vice versa. The villain choices in this series almost carry a whole sub-genre with them into their respective films.

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