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Default Re: Favorite acts of the trilogy?

Excellent thread, Anno!

While I'm most likely in the minority, I truly love the first act of TDKR. Everything is so well setup for Bruce's return to Gotham first as Bruce Wayne, and then his defiant return as the Batman. Batman's return scene is one of the many highlights of TDKR for me.

With that being said, nothing really tops BB. Still blows my mind to this day.

Second act is easily TDK. You pretty much nailed it with your analysis, Anno.

I so thought TDKR would be the best third act of the trilogy, and while it is amazing, I am beyond bothered by some of the action that was ultimately cut out (Batman fighting more than two mercs to get to Bane, Foley's death by Tumbler) Talia's awful death scene, and Bane being taken out in a kind of "meh" fashion.

Best third act for me has to be TDK. Intense ferry boat scenario, Batman going "prep-time" with the sonar device, taking down the swat and the Jokers men at the same time. Not to mention the final confrontation with the Joker, and just when you think you are free to soak up this emotional roller-coaster; you get the real final showdown - Batman and Gordon trying to reason with Two-Face not to kill Gordon's son. I'm listening to "A Dark Knight" right now. Truly mesmerizing.

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