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Default Re: The Darker Knight

Originally Posted by johndoe123 View Post
Well Batman Returns, visually speaking, is probably the best looking batman film to date. I mean it's just stunning looking and holds up really well. So I can't I would mind if the next film took influence from it.

The gothic style was nice, but it was way too cartoonish for me, like those evil clowns he deals with in the beginning, I recall one had a skeleton head with bouncy eyes, and then there's Penguin in his batmobile ride, or the whole army of penguins thing As for the tone of the movie, part of it is how the violence and the consequences of that violence are being displayed. there's room for a lot of improvement there:

-show a bruised Batman (yeah yeah I know, Bane) but what about batman with a black eye he needs to hide the next day, or (God forbid!) a bruised and bleeding lip?

-some thug getting a batarang in the hand just before he shoots his gun

-seeing (and hearing) Batman breaking someone's arm or something

-Batman at a murder scene with the body still there being examined (can you believe that has never been shown?), or him going to the morgue later on

-batman stopping ordinary crime like a bank robbery with hostages, and he doesn't manage to save everyone

- Batman getting back at the cave, throws his mask, frustrated of all he feels he could have done better, and Alferd tries to reason with him.

So grittier can mean a lot of things, but those are good examples for me.

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