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Default Re: Favorite acts of the trilogy?

This is really hard for me to do. Honestly the only thing not in the running for me is BB's third act. Every other act in the trilogy is vying for my affection, haha.

Here's my thing though, with TDKR I think it's debatable where Act 1 ends and Act 2 begins. I've heard screenwriting analysts claim Act 1 ends when Alfred leaves Bruce, while most seem to interpret the act break happening right along with the back-break. It's tough because you could argue Bruce is doomed the moment he wakes up with all Alfred gone along with all his money, but I like the idea of the physical act of him being broken (complete with a fade to black) as the definitive end of Act 1. Assuming the Bane fight is part of Act 1, then as blasphemous as it may be I'd probably have to put it over BB's Act 1 because Batman's return along with the sewer fight are true trilogy highlights for me, and like JackWhite I just love TDKR's Act 1 in general. It has a lot going for it. It's basically tied with BB for me though. It's probably newness more than anything that is edging it out at the moment.

Acts 2 and 3, I probably give to TDK. Nonstop escalating chaos from The Joker, with some super tense scenes and a classic ending.

Still, the final 5 minutes of TDKR is probably the most euphoric and triumphant 5 minutes ever committed on screen in a superhero film. After everything he'd been through over the course of 3 films, the satisfaction of seeing Bruce cementing the immortality of his symbol while giving happiness a shot was unparalleled.

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