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Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
This thread makes me one, sad panda.

Anyway, I say make Iron Man 4, Avengers 2 and Avengers 3 then RDJ can retire from the character.

After that do a complete reboot in 8 years. Marvel Studios can focus on other, non-Avenger projects within that 8 years.
Why reboot at all? Reboots are for when they screw up and need to hit the reset button. I don't see that happening(fingers crossed).

But just for fun hypothetical purposes if they DID reboot I'd expect them to keep the secret ID this time, and keep Jarvis as a real person as well as Tony meeting Rhodey for the first time on his return from captivity. Oh and give Happy a bigger role as well since he's kinda like Iron Man's Jimmy Olsen/Rick Jones/etc. Maybe bring in other love interests other than Pepper like Bethany Cabe. And make Stane a corporate rival rather than a traitor from within Stark's company type. And keep Hammer british and elderly.

What if Civil War ended with Cap and Tony realizing both of their best friends are named James?
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